Local SEO for Carpet Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Carpet Repair of AZDoing local SEO for a carpet repair service is an interesting challenge. We recently took on Carpet Repair of Arizona as a customer and have made a nice amount of progress in a short amount of time. When we started with this customer, they had a fairly plain website that was not very keyword rich. We have since then replaced it with a quality WordPress site that is rich in keywords and covers the fundamentals of local SEO marketing.

We identified useful keywords such as carpet repair and carpet stretching. Instead of just having a plain “services” page, we now have a specific pages for both carpet repair and carpet stretching. The pages are rich with targeted keywords that will bolster their rankings within Google. We also established a beautiful before and after gallery to showcase their work. By employing these techniques we end up with a beautiful site that is both useful to human users and to Google.

Having a keyword rich site is important for local SEO. How else would Google know what you do if you don’t tell them? When a potential customer searches for a carpet repair company, we’re here to make sure they find Carpet Repair of Arizona.

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