Atlas Marketing Solutions provides website design and development with a focus towards creating responsive websites that rank well on Google search results. The way that we see it, a website's main purpose is to tell your potential customers what you do, why they should choose you, and encourage them to get in touch with you right away. Our preferred platform for building websites is WordPress which is a fantastic solution for local businesses. WordPress is an industry standard website platform that is user-friendly, search engine friendly, flexible and ever evolving. WordPress websites have available a massive portfolio of plugins, themes, add-on features, as well as a great ability to integrate with many third party solutions.

Responsive Website Design by Atlas Marketing Solutions

Responsive Website Design

As a website designer, we look at your website as being the hub of your brand on the internet. It should set the standard for how your business and brand appear to the public. It’s important that all websites these days be mobile friendly, so we create websites that are responsive in design. A responsive website is one that can rearrange itself automatically so that it always looks great whether you’re viewing it on a phone, tablet, or computer. As of May 5th, 2015, there are more Google searches on mobile devices than desktop computers. Because of that, it is extremely important that a customer’s website looks great on not only a desktop monitor but a smart phone as well. This is a factor that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites and it cannot be underestimated.

Our websites are always designed to be responsive, user friendly and rich in SEO keywords. If you need a new website or just need to update an old one, give us a call today and see what a positive difference our website designers can make for your business.