To me, there are some simple ways to create and keep trust in relationships. The following are the codes that I choose to live my life by.


This is one of my core qualities in life. It was my fortune in life to have learned from Sgt. Lewis during my basic training in the U.S. Air Force. This is where the concept of integrity became lodged in my head and life. Since that time I have come to cherish my integrity more and more every year. The way I see it, it is something that no other person can take from me and it can only be diminished by my own choice.

The Golden Rule

This is just such a simple truth of life that is universal and timeless. Treating others as I want to be treated is so basic and easy that it seems silly to live life in any other way. It is my understanding that a version of the golden rule is present in nearly every major religion of the world. That makes sense to me as I think that people everywhere want to be treated well and the best way to foster that behavior is to lead by example.

When a client hires me to assist them with their marketing needs, I take control of their online presence to benefit their company and profits. It is always the goal to create a net positive for their bottom line in an obvious way.

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