Google Ads

Google Adwords is a powerful program that allows you to gain customers more quickly than organic search results. Adwords is a pay per click program which means money is only paid to Google when a searcher actually clicks on your advertisement. The advantage of this means that you’re only being charged when a prospect takes the active step of clicking on your ad. However, your ad only appears as long as you have budget available.

With Adwords, you can make your ad only appear for certain keyword searches so that your audience is extremely targeted. You can also choose the page the searcher will land on when clicking your ad. This means the customer’s entire experience can be more controlled than an organic search result.

Google PPC Ads

While being found organically is the ideal situation, it takes time for Google to see a business as relevant enough to show on the first page. Using Adwords, a business can show up on the first page of results immediately. Adwords also is great for gathering data and learning what keywords will actually bring real results. That data can then be put to use for organic search engine optimization.

Adwords also has an advantage that we can show up in specific geographical locations that may not be accessible through organic search results. It can also be adjusted for days and times that the ads will be active, giving the user a high degree of control. If you need help setting up efficient and powerful Adwords ads, contact us today.