Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing by Atlas Marketing SolutionsHaving a social media presence is essential for all businesses.  Every social media platform has it's own community and each one has it's own specific advantages. Social media can direct and influence traffic as well as rankings to your website. It has a unique advantage in that it allows people to share your content easily which can translate into word of mouth business by digitizing referrals. For example, how many times have you been tagged by a friend to a link to a business they think you will be interested in?  It happens all the time.

Being available on multiple social media platforms makes it easier for people to find your company and refer business to you. Some social media sites, such as YouTube, offer unique methods of showing prospects what a business is really about or bringing subjects to life in a way words alone cannot.

Your Goodyear Social Media Managers

Marketing by social media lets us meet with potential customers in ways that they are comfortable with in worlds that they're already frequenting. It also allows us to make a company seem more real and personal which is extremely important on a local level as people like to buy from people they like and showing the human side of a business has many advantages.