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Local SEO is the process of presenting a local business in an optimal way for search engines like Google and Bing. Local SEO is a bit different than classic search engine optimization. Traditional SEO generally involves optimizing your website so that it is found by customers nationally. This wouldn't make sense for a business that does business face to face in their local area, such as a shoe store or HVAC contractor. Local SEO is a matter of optimizing the business online in a holistic manner that your website, social media and overall internet presence including review websites and online phone book sites.

Local SEO is important for small businesses that need local customers. Local SEO is one of the best methods of making yourself visible to your local customer base. For example, an air conditioner repair business in Phoenix, AZ would not be getting customers from Detroit, MI. It is also unlikely that any standard brick and mortar local business would have any customers driving more than 30 minutes to do business with them. Any business serving customers locally can benefit from local SEO.

Local SEO for Home Services and Brick-and-Mortars

Atlas Marketing Solutions provides local SEO services primarily to two kinds of businesses, brick and mortar stores and service based businesses. Brick and mortar businesses typically have an established address where their customers come in to see them. These types of businesses need to be able to provide driving directions as well as operating hours to customers. A service based business usually has a technician that travels to the customer within a given service area. Many times, these businesses are available 24 hours for emergency service.

Both of these types of businesses can benefit from local SEO services as the majority of the searches on Google are looking for a business in their local area. It is of prime importance to make it easy and obvious to potential clients what you do, where you are located and when you are open.

Local SEO goes well beyond on-page SEO. On-page SEO primarily refers to optimizing a website and it's pages. Off-page SEO refers to optimizing the business outside of the website, like a Yelp profile. When it comes to executing local business SEO, both on-page and off-page techniques need to be utilized in harmony with one another. This is key to getting results from internet searches with a local intent by potential customers.

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