Internet Marketing Service for Goodyear Businesses

There are many methods for a local company to ask their community for their business and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Atlas approaches marketing holistically and can assist with many methods including traditional and emerging technology.  For small businesses and local markets, internet marketing is the favored method of choice.

When it comes to internet marketing it is important to be highly visible on the major search engines.  These days Google is at the top of the food chain, but Yahoo and Bing are also important and valuable.  A company can use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads such as Google AdWords for online advertising, which can can be a good short term solution.  Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a great and more cost effective long term solution.

People have trained themselves to look past ads in our everyday lives.  Advertisements can and do work, but what we all think of as the "real content" is what we are interested in and advertisements simply do not command the same attention.  Google has done experiments to determine how users look at search results and the conclusion is clear.  The higher a company places on a page within the actual search results the better chance they have of attracting new customers.

Atlas uses the latest SEO techniques to move businesses to the top 10 of local search results, with an ultimate goal of gaining a top 3 placement.  The higher a company can be found for as many keywords as possible, the better chance of gaining new customers.  Atlas uses tools with an attention to detail to give our clients the best chance of success.  Imagine how your business could grow with the best possible search engine results that Atlas Marketing Solutions can deliver.

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