Local Business Marketing

Atlas Marketing Solutions is a service company dedicated to helping small businesses attract more customers in their local market. When customers buy with locally owned businesses, $73 of every $100 dollars spent stays in the local economy.  Compare that with non-locally owned business where only $43 of every $100 spent stays in the local economy.

Even in a large metropolitan city, local business is still very relevant.  Where we spend our money matters and every dollar spent is a vote in favor of a given business.  In a free market the best businesses will be rewarded while the least favorable will suffer.  It is not enough to have the best product or services if the public doesn't know about it.  Atlas Marketing Solutions works to help businesses stand out in their local market.

If you need help getting noticed, Atlas is up to the task.  We specialize in helping businesses get found by more potential customers, more often.  There are many tools and techniques we can use and among them are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ Local.  Ask us how we can use these for your business!

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