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Welcome to Atlas Marketing Solutions. Getting noticed is a challenge with all forms of advertising and marketing. It is imperative to get a consumer’s attention and then that opportunity must be followed up with a compelling message. Finally a business needs to deliver a call to action and ask for what they want. This simple formula starts with standing out from the crowd. This is where Atlas comes in, we help companies stand out. Learn how Atlas Marketing Solutions can help you Stand Out!

Latest News From the Blog

Google Carousel is replaced by new style local 3 pack with filters

Google Carousel today was replaced by an all new local 3 pack design that features filters for Ratings, Price and more. The searches for lodging gives the user the ability to filter by Check In and Check Out dates as

How To Add Google Maps To A Website

I thought it would be helpful to show in a couple of simple images how to add Google Maps to a website.

Adding Images to LinkedIn Company Pages

I am a big fan of using LinkedIn and their company pages. Having a properly branded company page has value for every business and certainly some more than others. When building out your company page it is worth taking the