WordPress 5.4 Released


More ways to bring your visitors in, and keep them engaged, with the richness of embedded media from the web’s top services.

More ways to make your vision real, and put blocks in the perfect place—even if a particular kind of block is new to you. More efficient processes.

And more speed everywhere, so as you build sections or galleries, or just type in a line of prose, you can feel how much faster your work flows.

The Biggest Takeaways

New Gutenberg Block Customization

With WordPress 5.4, Gutenberg is better than ever with new blocks and color customization options! The new Social Icons block allows you to easily add links to your social media pages. The new Buttons block also adds an easy to way create great looking buttons for your users to click. On top of all this, a host of new color options have been added like gradients!

Speed and Workflow Improvements

The editor now loads faster than ever, getting you ready to type at a moment's notice. No more forgetting that great opening line you had in your head! With the improvements made to tabbing, you can now control your typing experience without your hands ever having to leave the keyboard.

Easier Styling, Useful APIs and Embedding Features

Say goodbye to negative margins and default padding! Now you can easily style blocks exactly how you want them. Two new APIs for color gradients and block variations are now available for the developers out there. For those of you that make use of TikTok, WordPress 5.4 now supports that. Feel free to show off those dance moves to your readers!

Learn More About WordPress 5.4

These are just some of our favorite features from the latest WordPress update. If you'd like to learn more, check out their newest news release!