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Best Practice for Editing a Business Listing on Google

Recently a poster on the Local Search Forum asked an important question regarding the best practice for editing a business listing on Google.  Google requires, or at least recommends, that editing be done on the Google+ Local dashboard for any business listing that has been upgraded from Google Places for Business to a Google+ Local…

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YouTube Channel Art

When I create YouTube channel art I want to make sure that I set it up for best viewing on all devices.  Often I find myself searching for the same information on YouTube channel art guidelines.  Usually I search for the same information every time and read the same article over and over.  Today I…

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Search Engine Listing Mail Verifications

When verifying listings on the three major search engines, often we are required to verify the data by mail.  I find it helpful to show customers what the piece of mail coming to them will look like.  It is very easy for business owners to forget that the verification card is coming or to mistake…

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Google Places for Business Has New Look

Google Places for business – a free local platform from Google, has now been updated as they move their local search further into the Google+ family.  Essentially the evolution of Google+ Local has taken another important step forward.  I suspect that this is a part of what will eventually bring the Google Places dashboard into…

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Dealing with Negative Reviews on Google

Reviews are a double edged sword and negative reviews can be a real problem for business owners when they inevitable occur.  One of the most basic steps to take in order deal with negative reviews is to respond in a professional manner, logged in as the owner.  In the event of false and/or inappropriate review…

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Google+ Local Unveils a New Look and Much Bigger Cover

Today Google released a new version of the Google+ Local page that have rearranged many features and expanded the cover image from 940 x 180 to a whopping 2120 x 1192.  The new cover will resize based on the monitor viewing the page. The profile picture, that had previously been a square shape, is now…

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