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Citation Verification Methods

One of the most important factors in ranking well with local SEO is having quality citations.  I am documenting the methods used by some common valuable listings and citations.  While some verification must be done by mail, completed them is very straightforward.  Simply wait 1-2 weeks for the mail to arrive and enter the code online.  Many times the verification can be done by phone, which is a big time saver.  When done by phone, there are two methods that typically are used.

  1. The first phone verification is probably the most common and is used by Google.  This method starts with an initiation on the computer, results in a phone call that provides a verification code to the person listening to the call and then the code must be entered on the computer.
  2. The second phone verification is less common and is used by which is owned by AT&T.  This method starts with an initiation on the computer, results in a verification code being displayed on the computer and then is followed by a phone call that requires the code to be entered on the telephone keypad.

Sites that use method 1. are as follows:

Sites that use method 2. are as follows:

  • (
  • Yelp
  • YellowBot
  • Foursquare
  • ExpressUpdate

I will continue to update this list as new information comes in.  Comments and contributions are welcomed!

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