YouTube Channel Art

When I create YouTube channel art I want to make sure that I set it up for best viewing on all devices.  Often I find myself searching for the same information on YouTube channel art guidelines.  Usually I search for the same information every time and read the same article over and over.  Today I decided to be smart and blog the best source for information on the proper dimensions and structure.

This article has a video demonstrating how to change and delete YouTube channel art as well as an illustrated image with the proper dimensions for the channel art.  Currently the YouTube channel art is best created as a 2560 X 1440 px image.

Here is the best source I have found for the current configuration of YouTube channel art:

Images size in a 16 x 9 ratio, which is the modern television, tablet screen and smart phone screen, scales to the following dimensions:

1600 x 900

2200 x 1238

2560 x 1440

3200 x 1800

4000 x 2250

4320 x 2430

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